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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the famous onga pumps and other pool and spa equipment

Clean & Clear® Plus cartridge filter combines top-end commercial grade filter performance with low maintenance, to keep pools clean and sparkling.

This dependable design uses special filter elements to strip tiny particles as small as 30 microns from your pool water. A grain of beach sand is about 1000 microns.

The onga four-cartridge design provides maximum filter surface area to capture more dirt and extend the time between cleanings.

Cleaning is a snap: open the top, remove the cartridges, hose them off…… and Clean & Clear Plus is ready to go again.

The maximized cartridge surface is designed to trap the maximum of solids, and the Clean & Clear Plus uses the most durable materials to extend cartridge life.

(Please note: only black available for the Australian Market)

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