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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the famous Australian made Davey pool and spa equipment

Satisfactory sanitisation is an essential part of any spa pool and swimming pool maintenance program to ensure that your water remains clean and free from disease causing micro-organisms that could be harmful to your health.

Ozone is “active oxygen” and a natural purifier that is completely safe on people and equipment when used in the very small doses required for ozone treatment.

Commonly referred to as the MCD-50, the Davey Q5001 range uses the carona discharge electrode technology that generates up to four times the ozone levels of traditional UV methods.

- Ozone generation of 50mg/h or .05g/h
- Available in AMP, C38 & JJ cord options
- Small, compact and simple to install
- Optional mixing de gas vessel available to eliminate excess ozone gas
allowing higher levels of ozone to enter the water
- Includes a backflow prevention device to increase the life of your ozone unit significantly
- Helps to reduce routine maintenance as it keeps the water cleaner for longer by oxidizing oils and other organic compounds
- Ozone is a no fuss solution that adds itself to the water without any user intervention
- Lower operating costs than traditional ozone systems.

Phone us for advice, details, pricing and delivery

Phone us for advice, details, pricing, delivery and installation
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