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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the famous Australian made Davey pool and spa equipment

The Davey Spa Power 1200 controller is the top of the range, offering enhanced features to handle high demand applications including swim spas.

The SP1200 is the choice of controller for all the options. Available in 3.5kW, 4.5kW and 6.0kW heater options the controller has the functionality to manage the high demands of multiple configuration systems. To note, the 3.5kW version is supplied as multiphase allowing the same controller to be used for both single phase (220/240V) and three phase (380/415V) applications. The only requirement is a change during installation to the default factory settings by a Davey authorised technician.

Supplied complete with:

- LCD touchpad – multilingual, they can be set to one of six common languages

- Able to run up to FIVE spa booster pumps depending on available power supply and customer specific spa pool requirements. This can be a combination of the following:

- Two single speed pumps OR one two speed pump

- An additional two single speed pumps OR one two speed pump

- Single speed blower OR additional single speed pump

- Variable speed blower

- In addition to the above, a 24hr circulation pump and spa ozonator can be installed

- Up to four Davey Spa Power variable colour LED lights OR up to 60 individual LED’s from the Davey Spa chain lighting range

- Separate 12V output

- Includes in-built temperature sensor and in pool temperature sensor as standard.

- Full functionality from the touchpad to program temperature & filtration cycles and maintenance reminders.

Phone us for advice, details, pricing and delivery

Phone us for advice, details, pricing, delivery and installation
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