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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the famous Australian made Davey pool and spa equipment

Spa blowers work with the pump to achieve the jet pressure that’s essential for an enjoyable spa, so the performance of the blower can not be compromised.

Available with the “smarts built in” single speed models can be operated as stand alone units, while variable speed models operate in conjunction with a Davey Spa Power Controller and compatible poolside touchpad.

Davey Spa Power blowers offer energy efficient operation with more air generated for less power.

Compact to fit into even the tightest of spaces, the Davey Spa Power blower offers a large range of models to suit most applications. Available in single and two speed, variable speed and two stage, there’s a Davey blower in the range to consider for new and retrofit applications. Low in noise level they include Davey’s “hushtech” technology ensuring the least amount of interuption to you. They can be used in conjunction with the range of Davey spa controllers or as a stand alone unit controlled by an air switch or pool-side touchpad. Either way, they are simple to use and easy to activate at the push of a button.

Phone us for advice, details, pricing and delivery

Phone us for advice, details, pricing, delivery and installation
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