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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the new patented Drive Mobil Doormatic mains or battery operated door opener

Doormatic opens doors… unassisted..!

It can be driven by mains or battery. Each unit comes with a handheld remote control. The battery operated version comes with one battery and a second battery can be inserted to provide twice the operating time.

Conventional door openers are normally mounted on the top of the door and require structural changes. Installation is often complex and requires drilling and ladders, and sometimes a tradesman is needed. Additionally, some systems run on electricity, which has to be laid up to the unit.

Quick and simple installation

The Doormatic uses a supplied bracket mounted at the bottom of the door with double sided tape.
There’s no need for drilling and so there’s no danger of damaging the existing door (great for renters..!)

Installation can be completed – with no drilling – in under one minute

The Doormatic can be operated in two different modes

Push and Go

  • A gentle push or pull and the door opens automatically
  • After a predetermined time the door closes automatically.

Radio Operation

  • The function works with a hand held remote control, wall mounted button,or motion detector.
  • When the controls are activated, they send a radio signal to the unit,which then operates.
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