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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of Edgetec pumps and other pool and spa components

Most spa bath pumps are operated by an air switch which uses a button mounted on the side of the bath to send a pulse of air to the pumpto turn it on or off.

Edgetec has introduced two exciting new pump control systems

SENSA-TOUCH controller

A small touchpad control panel is mounted on the side of the spa bath. This controller operates the pump and heater by a low Voltage cable to the control box. The system operates at low voltage and is electrically isolated to ensure the optimum safety protection for the user.

The internal control system features automatic pump shutdown under “no water” condition

SPA-KEY controller

The SPA-KEY is a unique radio operated remote control system which is housed in an immersible casing. The SPA-KEY operates the pump, and heater and has additional buttons to switch on a Spa Blower and Light, all in one small casing, with a replaceable long life battery.

The SPA-KEY is installed on the wall near the door in a moulded housing, where it can operate any of the four functions of the highly sophisticated spa bath. The SPA-KEY can be removed from the housing and carried around the bathroom to provide a sophisticated control function even while you’re relaxing in the bath.

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