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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of Edgetec pumps and other pool and spa components

The extensive range of Edgetec jets includes…

- Micro Jet – fully adjustable
- patented Mi-Tee Jet – fully adjustable jets with Easy Out function
- Mini Spabath and Spa Pool jets in eyeball and pulse versions
- Macro Spabath and Spa Pool jets in eyeball and pulse versions
- Trio Jets with eyeball, adjustable and Easy Out features
- The Maxi jets with patented SVT-Super Venturi Technology , which allows the air venturi to be drawn into both the centre and the outer surface of the water stream resulting in a more efficient venturi action
- Tranquillity Jets: all-new recessed design to minimise protrusion into the spa bath
- Extreme Spa Pool jets with SVT technology using 25% less water
- Excess 84 and Excess 100 jets with flared nozzle and twin spin designs to enhance the water rotation
- Exhilarator jets with flared nozzle, twin spin and 5 star pulse designs
- Force 10 SVT Spa Pool Swim-Jets- eyeballs can be locked into position ensuring complete control of water direction
- Sub Blaster – a non adjustable jet with 18 outlets that gives you that explosive output of water
The Edgetec product range also includes… SLP (super low profile) Spa suctions and Reactive air control buttons

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