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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of Edgetec pumps and other pool and spa components

The Edgetec Triflo™ Spa Bath Pump

The Triflo™ Spa Bath Pump introduces many exciting new design innovations that make your plumbing task far easier.

The Powerful FLOW TriFlo™ unique design provides powerful water flow to the spa jets. Leading edge CFD technology has refined the impeller and flow path for optimum performance and efficiency, ensuring you relax in an invigorating water massage.

- Multi Ports: These allow the option of two outlets from the pump for even delivery of water pressure to all jets, especially on multi jet systems.

- Auto-Heat: TriFlo™’s unique back plate design allows the heat generated by the motor to be transferred into the water allowing the pump to help maintain water temperature.

- Xtra-Heat: Has an innovative backplate 700watt stainless steel heater element – the design of the heater does not disrupt water flow to spa jets..

The Triflo Top Outlet

In today’s sophisticated multi jet spa baths, it’s often a struggle to fit all the tees, elbows, bends and Ys under the bath. Triflo introduces a new plumbing freedom. By adding a top outlet to the conventional bath pump, it’s possible to plumb from the front outlet, or the top outlet or both. When the bath jet water manifold allows water flow from the top outlet and the front outlet you will see an immediate increase in water rate in most cases an additional 40 litre water flow is achieved.

Two additional top fittings

Edgetec has developed two fittings which make the plumbing job much easier – the Top Out tee and the Top Out 90 allow a dramatic improvement in plumbing flexibility and speed.

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