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Isaac Technologies – Ozone products

The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of Australian made Isaac Technologies Ozone water sanitising products

Isaac Technologies has spent many years developing and testing it’s Ozone Synergistic System™ so that you can use your spa or pool with complete peace of mind, knowing that you’re having a healthy experience and one which is as close as possible to what nature intended.

The King Neptune™ range of products will assure you of healthy water for your pool and spa and won’t cost you any more to run – in a spa it’s actually cheaper..!

Below are some of the products in the ISAAC Technologies range…

Isaac Ozone Activator™ helps to run a pool so that it’s clean, fresh and as natural as nature could provide. This product will make it easier for the pool operator to maintain the pool.
One of the many benefits of using Ozone Activator™ is that ozone in the water sanitises at an optimum level creating silky, crystal clear water which is fresh and natural.
This is the way to keep the water in your pool healthy to give you the best experience.
A monthly dose of Ozone Activator™ is all that’s needed and you don’t need to test the water.

Ozone Activator™ is sold in 1kg and 10kg containers
Note that this is not a Chlorine-based product.

Ozone Clear™
Do you have water with a cloudy appearance? Through the environment and normal use, a wide variety of microscopic particles, too small in physical size for normal filtration, remain in the spa pool water. The water begins to refract light taking on a cloudy and lacklustre appearance
Ozone Clear™ works by agglomerating the smaller particles into larger filterable masses. Ozone Clear™ will reduce overall maintenance costs by reducing the particle matter present in the water, which chemicals would normally try to break down. Ozone Clear™ will also kill bacteria and other micro organisms.
Ozone Clear™ has built-in natural enzymes to help reduce body fats and oils in the water.

Ozone Clear™ is sold in 300ml, 1litre, 2.5litre & 5 litre containers.

“King Neptune” Ozone Accelerator purifies spa water using oxygen the way nature does. It’s non toxic to humans and safe for the environment. Ozone by itself will not be enough. Bacteria and other contaminants have an astonishing ability to resist or evade treatment. So the Isaac Technology synergistic system of treatment will provide the best purification. Ozone Accelerator™ was designed to “supercharge” the ozone molecules with excess oxygen by introducing extra liquid oxygen, nature’s most powerful oxidiser, into water.

Ozone Accelerator™ is sold in a 5 Litre container as well as 25 Litre carboys

NOTE: Ozone Accelerator is a very strong oxiziser and must be handled with extreme care. If spilt, lots of water must be used to dilute the product.

Because your pool is an open environment it will be contaminated by many different types of foreign matter. Algae spores are one particular contaminant which can play havoc with a pool’s water quality.
Algazone is designed to control the growth of algae spores in your pool water, spores which may arrive from outside your pool by the wind, pollen or carried by a bird splashing.
Algazone is an economical, monthly preventative measure against the uncontrollable growth of algae in your pool water.

Algazone is sold in 1litre or 5litre containers.

Isaac Technology has created an annual “spring cleaning” product for your spa.
Q-51™ is designed to clean out your spa’s plumbing making for a more efficient operation of the spa. Q-51™ is a pipe cleaner specially modified to unblock, clean and strip the residue build up from the plumbing of your spa.
One of the benefits of Q-51™ is that it only needs to be used once a year when the spa is being drained for cleaning.

Q-51™ is sold in 800gm bottles

Ozone Calcium Plus™
Protect the investment in your spa or pool and use Ozone Calcium Plus™ to keep your water hardness in equilibrium.
The amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water determines its Total Hardness. All water naturally seeks moderate hardness levels. While some forms of chlorine actually make water harder, the natural process of ozone has no effect on Total Hardness, so it helps maintain balance. That’s one of many reasons naturally purified water is kind to your hair, skin and spa pool. The safest level for your spa should be kept between 150 to 200 ppm.
Low Calcium Hardness. If your water hardness is too low, the water will seek sources of calcium by eating into plastics, deteriorating electric and gas heaters and causing all sorts of problems. Increasing Calcium Hardness is easy: add Ozone Plus Calcium™. Test calcium every 3 months. Isaac Technologies have excellent test kits researched and designed perfectly for your spa, just contact us here.

Ozone Calcium Plus™ is sold in 500g & 10kg containers

Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ Protect the investment in your spa and use Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ to keep your water alkalinity at the right level.
Total Alkalinity is the water’s “buffer capacity.” Properly balanced Total Alkalinity helps the pH level remain stable, and prevents scale deposits from forming on spa pool surfaces. Low Total Alkalinity means water has too little buffering capacity, which results in constantly fluctuating pH readings. This can damage equipment and pool surfaces. High Total Alkalinity is indicated by (a) white deposits forming on tile line (b) rough surfaces (c) cloudy, milky-white water (d) fouled filter elements and heater elements.
When total alkalinity is too low, Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ will return it to its correct balance. Isaac Technologies have excellent test kits researched and designed perfectly for your spa,

Ozone Plus™ Spa Increaser is sold in 500g & 10kg containers

Ozone T-51
T-51™ Prevents algae growth, which when left unchecked leads to unsanitary water carrying bacteria and all manner of germs.
T-51™ works by coagulating the finer particles which the pool or spa filter can’t pick up making it easier to skim from the water.

T-51™ is not a hazardous chemical and is sold in 2 and 5 Litre containers.

We can ship directly to your door.

Ozone Test Strips
The quick and easy way to measure the total ozone content of your spa or pool water.
Ozone Test Strips will test for the Ozone Accelerator™ levels in your spa or pool. This test is convenient, easy, simple, quick and an economical means of testing the ozone in your water.
Test daily or weekly depending on the frequency of use which your spa receives.
A dark blue reading shows the optimum level of Ozone Accelerator™ in your spa or pool.

Ozone Test Strips are sold in a vial of 50 strips

Ozone Test Tablets
The quick and easy way to measure the Alkalinity and Calcium levels of your spa is to use Ozone Test Tablets.
Ozone Test tablets will measure the total alkalinity and calcium levels in the water.
There are two different ozone test tablets: Ozone Calcium test tablets and Ozone Alkalinity test tablets. Testing for calcium and alkalinity need only occur once a month.

Ozone Calcium Test Tablets and
Ozone Alkalinity Test Tablets
are sold in vials of 250 tablets

Ozone Water Test Kit
A handy kit for testing your water and keeping it at an optimum level of quality. It contains everything you need to check water quality at an economical price.
The Kit contains an Ozone Water Test Vial, Ozone Test Strips, Ozone Calcium and Ozone Alkalinity Test Tablets as well as X Litres of Ozone Accelerator.
Test daily or weekly depending upon the frequency of use which your spa receives.
A dark blue reading shows the optimum level of Ozone Accelerator™ in your spa or pool

Isaac Technologies and King Neptune™ Ozone Generators
Isaac Technologies and King Neptune™ have developed a range of Ozone Generators to suit your application whether it be for a small spa, a large pool or for commercial applications.
The Ozone Generators MK4, MK1, MK6 and MK5 in conjunction with other elements of the Ozone Synergistic System™ have been researched, developed and manufactured here in Australia to provide you with the best water sanitation system you could ask for.
The Ozone Generator which you buy from King Neptune™ is the heart of the Ozone Synergistic System™. From this unit, ozone is produced and fed back into the spa or pool by the use of a pump and injector system.
When you’re running the Ozone Synergistic System™ in your spa you have the option of running it for a few hours a day or continously to provide that extra sanitary effect.

Contact Isaac Technologies™ or The Round Bath Company for further information regarding the Ozone Synergistic System™ and the King Neptune range of Ozone Generators.

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