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Ozone water sanitising products and equipment

What is ozone and why is it used in pools and spas..?

Ozone is active oxygen. Normal oxygen has two atoms in each molecule, but Ozone has three. Ozone occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere and protects us from the sun’s cancer-causing rays. Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent used to sterilise water, purify air, de-colourise foods and as a bleach. Saturating a pool or spa with Ozone will destroy ALL bacteria, viruses and fungi and provide sparkling fresh water.

Because ozone is Life-Friendly and not a deadly poison such as bromine or chlorine, both the environment and your family will benefit from an Ozone sanitising system for your pool or spa.

The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of ISAAC Ozone water sanitising products and DAVEY sanitising equipment

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