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The Round Bath Company is an authorised specialist supplier of the Australian designed and made Wymo range of lifting aids

Wymo Lifting Aids is a dynamic Australian company founded on the inventions and designs of the late Ken Wyborn, and now operated by Ken’s son, Adam, who is totally committed to the assistance of the people who really need these Wymo products.

Wymo products are designed for three basic categories…
- 1 The Wheelchair hoist for cars
- 2 The Jib type Universal Sling Hoist
- 3 Patient hoist with rotating and lifting seat carriages

The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist has a remarkable effect on the life of the wheelchair bound motorist.
The hoist offers incredible freedom and independence and it becomes a crucial part of a person’s life. This hoist is also needed by carers to prevent injury from repeatedly lifting the wheelchair into the boot of the car.

The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist is truly a world class invention and has been manufactured for 30 years and sold around the world.
Possibilities open up for social life and work of the owner without having to plan schedules with carers.

The hoist works by lowering the lifting strap and hooking it onto the wheelchair. By pressing up on the switch box, the wheelchair is raised until it touches the pivot arm, then the wheel locking strap is attached and the wheelchair is loaded onto the vehicle.

Universal Sling Hoist Wymo has developed the best way of using a sling for situations where a patient needs to be extended over a pool, spa, bath, bed, horse or boat.

A Wymo Universal sling hoist will give access with no risk of tipping over.
This hoist has been developed and refined over 15 years. The current model has a 900mm reach which can be reduced, and can be solar powered and multiple baseplates can be provided.

Wymo Self-Operated Pool Hoist gives access to a pool for someone who values their independence and wants to do things in their own time.

This hoist is perfect for very active people who what to use their pool for scheduled exercise. .
The hoist has a stainless steel post, carriage, base plate, winch box and easy access bar assembly.
The hoist works by the swimmer transferring onto the seat and positioning themselves over the pool, using the easy access bar. The switch unit for the hoist is fixed over the swimmer’s head and is easy to use to lower and raise the swimmer to and from the pool.

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